I help tired and exhausted professionals break free from burnout.

Are you suffering from Burnout?

I knew things were bad, when after the relief of Friday, I was starting to feel stressed again by Saturday evening.  By Sunday afternoon the icy hand of doom was squeezing my shoulder.

What does an average day look like for you?  Do you feel like Tom Hanks on Omaha Beach when you look at your emails?  Do you ever wish for a car crash on your way into work?  Just injured enough for some time off?

What do you want instead?

To be stress free and re-energised?

I can help you by creating the ideal conditions for brain change.  Mindfulness and self-awareness will help you to regulate your emotions.  By fostering creativity, we can problem solve with an eye on a positive future.

Afterwards you will feel confidence in yourself, your worth and your abilities.  You will be stimulated, empowered and working for promotion and/or a career move.

Life Coaching

Health & Wellness Coaching

Corporate / Team Coaching

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