“An object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity unless acted on by a force.”
(Isaac Newton)

Life is a dynamic series of role transitions.

From unemployed directionless school leaver, graduate, organisational employee/employer to retirement.  We remain at rest or somnambulant in our trajectory. Sometimes events, crisis or a chance conversation trigger an awakening. 

I am able to wake you and enable you to challenge perceived limitations. Join me in a war against sleep; access untapped potential, realise ambitions; turn dreams into reality.

"The war against sleep...

set your alarm and start a new life”.

Experience Life, health and the pursuit of happiness: NM Coaching, works with individuals or groups of people who are seeking change.  I help them to enhance their skills, access their potential and achieve their goals efficiently and quicker than by themselves.

People who come to me may have an issue with health and wellbeing, life/role transitions or career goals.  I help them by offering support, guidance and accountability so they can identify a better positive future and move forward.

Life Coaching

Health & Welness Coaching

Corporate / Team Coaching

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