Life Coaching, Health & Wellness Coaching and Corporate Coaching. 
These are services that will aim, “… [to sustain] cognitive, emotional and behavioural changes that facilitate goal attainment and the enhancement of well-being…”

Life Coaching

A values-based approach to personal change and development.  The client will take time to evaluate their life and with the help of a coach will make systemic changes to enhance potential and growth.

Health & Wellness Coaching

Helping people navigate a path to good mental and physical health.  Ultimately, I will help people to become autonomous, self-motivated, resilient and engaged in leading a health promoting lifestyle.  I will help people to focus on their health goals, stress management and emotional regulation.  My Registered Nurse qualifications have given me the knowledge and skills to draw upon.

Corporate/Team Coaching

I have developed an interest over the years, as an occupational health professional, in the psychological effects of the organisation on the individual.  In my experience, coaching at all levels of an organisation will have a positive impact upon team development and improve the overall wellbeing of the team and, subsequently the efficiency and productivity.

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